Love Locks Atop The Hill

“You’ve never been to Penang unless you’ve been to Penang Hill”
-the famous tagline!20160520_145227-01-01[1]20160520_152138-01[1]20160520_152125-01[1]20160520_151050-01[1]20160520_151114-01[1]
And Yes, I’ve been there! 🙂

Penang Hill, or “Bukit Bendera” in Malay name, is known for its beautiful panorama of Georgetown with an elevation of more than 2733 ft. above sea level. The hill stands out prominently from the lowlands as a hilly and forested area. It was used as a retreat during the British colonial period, and is now one of the famed tourist destinations in Penang.20160520_150412-01[1]20160520_150935-01[1]20160520_160700-01-01[1]20160520_151225-01[1]The Love Lock Concept.
Penang’s adaptation of the popular love lock concept around the world, has found its place atop the scenic Penang Hill.20160520_152350-02-01-01[1]20160520_152400-01-01-01[1]20160520_152253-01[1].jpegLovebirds can buy padlock and scribble messages of love before locking it on the 80 feet wide fence located at the open-air observation deck of the Penang Hill Food Centre. The padlocks come in various sizes with prices ranging between RM10 to RM30. And to feed your creativity you can grab those permanent ink pens, protective sprays and hands-on designs to make your lock standout.DSC_9203-01[1]20160520_152219-02[1]20160520_152225-01[1]

After taking a bunch of snaps, went to see their mini OWL gallery just below the love lock area where the FOOD Center is located. Nothing much actually but these cute owls. haha20160520_155144-01[1]

If you visit Penang Hill then better don’t miss the temple of supreme bliss or also known as Kek Lok Si Temple. Also one of the must see in Penang. Will be on a separate post soon.



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  1. Jill says:

    NIce photos

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  2. […] separate post for the famous murals. To cap it off is the combination of a trip up Bukit Bendera Penang Hill (click to read separate post) and with a visit to Kek Lok Si Temple which is said to be the […]

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