Highway 81: A Short Escape from the Bustling City Life

Nestled Away from Daily Hustle and Bustle.IMG_20161014_192340[1].jpg

Once in a while the best you can do is to escape to the nature, to enjoy the mystery of the forests, to feel the cold misty weather and to wallow in the sound of the wind whispering through the trees.

Highway 81, a Vacation Home Rental, located at the coolest place in Davao City, Brgy. Salumay, Marilog District. The name itself is the exact distance of Davao City Proper to its location which is “81 Km”and is just situated beside the Highway.20161014_073753-01120161014_073923-011For this cooling home staycay, give me some Seafood Sinigang Soup please? lol. Need not to worry of food to bring, simply savour the dishes they offer at their very own Cafe Binukid.

Living in a fast-paced city of Singapore, I needed to be tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just enjoy all the benefits of a natural setting. And yes, this is just what I needed!20161014_080815-01120161014_074723-011

Who wouldn’t want to stay idle around the balcony with some flavoured Ice cold beer at night? Sorry for the photo, it’s just too foggy though! 🙂20161013_203320-011

And the best of all is waking up in the morning with the sound of the breeze and the view of those misty trees!20161014_061520-01120161014_060847-01120161014_074734-011

Sometimes, you just need to be away from that bustling city life. Breathe in fresh air, listen to the leaves swaying with the wind, and observe the majestic beauty of trees.

20161014_093134-011The sun is up, the fog dissipated. It was a lovely stay-cay and I hate to say… but it’s time to go. 😦




4 Replies to “Highway 81: A Short Escape from the Bustling City Life”

  1. What an escape. I would love to do this every weekend. 😍

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