What makes Haji Lane & Arab Street Famous for?

A trip to Haji Lane is all about the experience. Hidden away in the heart of the Muslim quarter, this tiny lane is one of the most fascinating and authentic neighborhood of Singapore. A famous haven for art and culture lovers. Famed with its quirky fashion shops, local eateries and buzzing shisha bars. This street indeed has developed an atmosphere all of its own. And even if you leave without buying anything, you’ll end up still be satisfied because of the fun vibe and picturesque spots you will be seeing from any corner.

But what does every tourist or even locals do when they visit Haji Lane?
I mean, something anyone wouldn’t miss to do?!
Photography session for Ootds!
Ooops! ( Sorry, I’m guilty!) hahamyxj_20161102003122_save1That Instagram-worthy snaps,
I bet you also wouldn’t miss that!
Yes or Yes? :p

Here’s mine!myxj_20161102003705_save1myxj_20161102002940_save120160925_182612-011Did I blend in? lol.myxj_20161102002408_save1myxj_20161102002820_save1It’s purposely visited for street photography session.myxj_20161102002659_save1myxj_20161102002624_save1myxj_20161102002456_save1
Everywhere is literally Instagram-worthy!

And Just parallel to Haji lane,
you’ll find Arab Street.20160925_184131(0)-01[1].jpeg

Take a walk along Arab Street,
enjoy some traditional Arab fare
and cherish the beautiful,
mesmerizing assault on the senses.20160925_183748-011 It’s the vibrant colours of the shops of the Arab Street that stick in the memory.
Textile stores and outlets selling Persian carpets are the most prominent,
but you’ll also see leather, perfumes, and jewelries for sale.
If you want to enjoy mouth watering Arab, Moroccan & turkey food this is the place to be. And If you’re a foodie who likes to try out different food,
then its definitely a must place for you!



Stylishwanderer 🙂






6 Replies to “What makes Haji Lane & Arab Street Famous for?”

  1. This place is totally instagram worthy indeed! You took some lovely pictures 🙂


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  2. You’ve officially sold me on Singapore! Didn’t know it had such cool spots, I love street art!

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