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Tri-shaw Ride to Explore Malacca

The best way to enjoy the scenery in Melaka is in a slow and laid back manner, either by walking along the streets or by taking a trishaw ride. Lucky to have met the uncle who drove us around melaka. He speaks good english compare to other locals. Not just driving a trishaw,

Melaka World Heritage City

A few months back, went to visit malaysia. Melaka, where it all began. Exploring a World Heritage City. Malacca (also locally known as Melaka) is a small, friendly city that with many eye-catching sights. The city indeed is a mix of old and new, historical establishments and old shops stand side-by-side

Upside Down House Melaka

UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE :p You should not think in a normal way though. You need to think out of the box so only you can let your creativity go wild! Just like a normal house, this one is divided into 5 sections; living room, kitchen, children’s room, master bedroom and bathroom. All of the

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